Past projects

Initiatives FOYS has undertaken include:

Mushroom Farming Training
22-23 September 2003
FOYS arranged for a lecture and demonstration on Mushroom Farming to be given in Abiriw by a team from the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). The team worked with a group of young men and young women and with two senior female mentors. Following the training programme, a mushroom-growing hut was constructed and continues to flourish. A special working relationship was established with the PPAG/ Resource Centre. In 2006, a second hut was constructed in Dawu.

Snail Farming Workshop, 20 August 2004: FOYS arranged for a two-person team from the CSIR to conduct a course on Snail Farming. Sixty attended, many of them young people. most from Abiriw and a few from Dawu and Awukugua. Within two weeks of the workshop, some eight members of the Presbyterian Women’s fellowship had started their own snail-rearing projects.

St John’s Ambulance (SJA) Brigade First Aid Training Courses: By meeting the costs of employing, feeding and accommodating trainers from the Accra branch of the SJA, FOYS has been able to organise four first-aid training courses: Abiriw (9-13 October 2006, 17 trainees); Dawu (9-13 April 2007, 15 trainees); Apirede (24-28 September 2007, 16 trainees), and Abonse 1-5 October 2007, 18 trainees).

A one-day Graphic Design Course was run at Abiriw by ‘Teacher’ Atta Addo for 10 students during March 2007, and during September 2007 FOYS organized two half-day workshops in Abiriw. One was on public speaking and the other, which attracted 28 participants, some from as far as Mampong and Madina, on strategies for approaching international donors.

Day Trips from Abiriw: In 2000 FOYS organised a Day-Trip to Akosombo Dam for the Abiriw Calvary Presbyterian Church Women’s Fellowship. The excursion initiated a series day-trips that have been eagerly anticipated and much enjoyed. [Record: 2001 Boti, Akaa and Asenema Falls; 2002 Tema Harbour and Ada Foa at the mouth of the Volta River; 2003 Elmina Castle; 2004 Hohoe, Wli Falls and the Forestry Conservation Post at the foot of Mt Afadjato; 2005 Cocoa Processing Factory at Tema; 2006 Shai Hills Nature Reserve; 2007 Kpong HEP installation.

Microfinance: A small sum of money was made available to enable the Women’s Fellowship in Dawu to embark on a soya kebab making project involving collective production and sales. Training and start-up capital was been provided (October 2007) for a member of the Abiriw Women’s Fellowship to go into small-scale shea-butter-based cream production.

Local Oral History Project: As part of a local, oral history project undertaken by FOYS, interviews have been conducted with senior citizens of Abiriw. Some of these interviews have been transcribed, translated and printed.

Support for what was the Young and Wise/ PPAG Teens’ Centre, Abiriw:
The Gibbs Trust and / or FOYS has supported the Resource Centre at Abiriw, formerly the PPAG Teens Centre from its inception in a variety of ways. These have included:
• Accessing funding for construction
• Providing sewing machines
• Donating children’s books
• Initiating an HIV/AIDS awareness forum (illustrated lecture)
• Organising a drama workshop for tutors and students
• Addressing students on issues of motivation and their futures
• Organising a workshop on Informal Report Writing for tutors.
• Supporting an initiative for Internet Access.
FOYS has, in turn, made use of services provided by the Centre. For example, the 2006 SJA course was offered there and catering was undertaken by those training there. The September 2007 half-day workshops were given on the premises of the Centre that by that stage had been taken over by the Presbyterian Church.

The Library at Abiriw was the first local project to benefit from funding from the Gibbs and Morel Trusts secured by the initiator of FOYS. Over the years money has been obtained for
• Repairing the ceiling and reconnecting electricity
• Constructing two KVIP Toilets at the rear of the building
• Purchasing books, including children’s books from the African Books Collective, and titles on Intermediate Technology.
In addition, personal donations have been made of books and educational materials, and a secure bookcase has been provided to
house a collection of Abiriw-ana.
Other Libraries: In 2007 FOYS met the costs of clearing through Tema a library that had been donated to the University of Ghana, Legon. The NGO has also been involved in the distribution of copies of Pietro Deandrea’s Fertile Crossings to selected educational institutions.

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