FOYS operates on a short-term, project basis focusing on specific programmes. By working in collaboration with organisations that share its concerns for social, economic community and environmental advancement it is able to deliver a variety of programmes and ensure ‘value for money’.   Focused on Abiriw, but by no means confined to that town, FOYS has contributed to the well-being of the community in a wide variety of ways. It has encouraged the development of a variety of skills related to food production, healthcare, and IT.

New Ventures since 2006 include

  • Micro-finance
  • Vocational skills – Graphic design, bag and soap-making etc
  • Workshops and courses – Catering, farming, first aid etc
  • Sponsoring food production and income generation schemes
  • Physiotherapy and Massage Training
  • Resource Centre – Bridging the digital divide
  • Oral history projects with the local communities
  • Day trips
  • Fundraising events and open-days, donations received in exchange for Abiriw-made soaps and balms.

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